WINTERFYLLETH: Neues Album im Oktober

WINTERFYLLETH: Neues Album im Oktober

Die britische Black Metal-Band WINTERFYLLETH wird mit The Divination of Antiquity ein neues Album veröffentlichen.

Das Album, das von Chris Fielding in den Skyhammer Studios produziert wurde, wird am 7. Oktober via Candlelight Records erscheinen.

Frontmann Chris Naughton zum Album:
The new album represents a real step forward for the band. I really think that we poured over the material much more maticulously in the making of this album and i think that shows through in the finished article. The new songs really focus  on the more melodic, passionate and expansive end of our spectrum this time around ,and we have also taken the opportunity to shine light into a few dark corners of our songwriting including some slower, doomier elements this time as well. We recorded the new album with Chris Fielding again, but this time at his newly established Skyhammer Studios and i think thats really given it a boost. His vision and a fresh recording environment has helped us to hone the essence of what a WINTERFYLLETH record can be on Divination. We hope you all agree! See you on the road later in the year

The Divination of Antiquity
Whisper of the Elements
Warrior Herd
A Careworn Heart
Foundations of Ash
The World Ahead
Over Borderlands
Forsaken in Stone
Pariah´s Path

Christian Wögerbauer
Christian ist seit 2005 unser Vertreter der Österreicher Metalszene, rezensiert gern im Bereich Doom / Death / Black / Thrash und auffallend gern Bands mit Sängerin. Genres: Death Metal, Doom-Death Metal, Doom Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Sludge.