ROTTING CHRIST: Tolis-Brüder gehen in die naturhistorische Geschichte ein

Eine besondere Ehre wurde den beiden Brüdern Sakis und Themis Tolis von ROTTING CHRIST zuteil. Denn sie sind jüngst zum Namensgeber eines Fossils geworden.

Fortan wird ein zerbrechlicher Schlangenstern als “Brezinacantha Tolis” in wissenschaftlichen Schriften benannt. “This is one of the greatest honors I have received as an individual and musician and it gives me power to keep on creating and offer these wild times”, erklärt Sakis Tolis.

Ausschlaggebend dafür waren Dr. Ben Thuy und Dr. Lea Numberger vom Naturhistorischen Museum Luxembourg. “When we first saw the fossil brittle star, we immediately knew it was something exciting. It turned out to be a species new to science, and so we had the privilege to name it”, erzählen die Wissenschaftler. “With the choice of the name, we wanted to combine our joint passions for science and music, and decided to honour one of our favourite bands. The new fossil belongs to an animal that lived in a dark, toxic environment in the depths of an ancient ocean, dwelling on the remains of their dead predecessors. This is pure black metal! Naming this species after Sakis and Themis Tolis is our way to issue an academic recognition of their talent and hard work. Now they own a small piece of immortality, because scientific species names are for eternity.”