INGESTED: neue Death Metal Single “Impending Dominance” aus Manchester

Die Death Metal-Band INGESTED hat mit “Impending Dominance” eine neue Single mitsamt Video-Clip veröffentlicht. Der Track soll einen ersten Eindruck vermitteln, was vom neuen Album, zu welchem noch keine weiteren Details bekannt sind, der Band aus Manchester zu erwarten sein wird.

Sänger Jason Evans meint dazu: “We picked “Impending Dominance” as the first single because it´s hard as f*ck. Simple as. This is about sacrifice, and the things you have to do to become the best. Could you step over friend and foe alike to achieve immortality? What would you give to have everything you’ve ever wanted? What would you become? The road to hell is paved with the best intentions, but are you the same at the end of the journey?”

INGESTED “Impending Dominance” (Video bei YouTube)

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