HYPNOS: haben sich aufgelöst

HYNOS haben sich aufgelöst. Bruno will sich in Zukunft mehr auf sein Privatleben konzentrieren, er fühlt sich ausgebrannt. Sein ausführliches Statement:

HYNOS haben sich aufgelöst. Bruno will sich in Zukunft mehr auf sein Privatleben konzentrieren udn fühlte sich außerdem ausgebrannt. Sein ausführliches Statement:


You probably heard the rumours that I pressed into this pathetic title and which I would like to explain by following words. These rumours are of course…..true. HYPNOS did small but succesful tour over Germany and Holland in January with CENTINEX and PURGATORY and after this longtime planned end of the band is coming. We did not spread these informations beforehand oficially due to the fact that I did no want fans coming on shows just because of this fact. I wanted to see people who like HYPNOS without looking at these matters and also I did not want to hear speculations about the calculating of folloving step. Reasons are prozaic and there is no need to hide them. During the years I was devoted to HYPNOS, resp. KRABATHOR, I of course neglected personal life. These days I am forwarded by terms to revalue life priorities and worked out my personal things that can´t wait anymore. Last time I was sitting at several chairs at once and I was doing the things just like half-heartedly. I have not been able to concentrate and devote myself to a band to keep our level of quality and I did not want to keep HYPNOS just in inertia. Second reason is a bit of so called burn out syndrome when after 20 years of intensive recording, playing the shows and working out the problems that are coming with any activity, I need (and maybe not only me) a rest without certain dates that preseed me on knees sometimes. I am sorry that by this verdict I am affecting the people who would like to see HYPNOS to continue and so I would like to thank even more to all who spended their powers to HYPNOS during almost 7 years by any way. Our friends and fans who supported ourselves by visiting our shows and buying our CD´s (Zdenìk and Tereza Machaèovi from Czech are totap top, they visited min. 40% of our shows within last 2 years), promoters, editors of zines and magazines, our recordlabels MORBID and SWAGE, bands we used to meet, musicians that used to play with us: David Hausa, Icaros, R.A.D., Igor Mores, Honza Samek, Hire, Kouby, David Menšík, tribe killers PEGAS and ALEX and the ones who survived to the last time: BUTCH, IGOR HUBÍK, PETER B. and megadevoted and megacrazy man bahind us, PEDRO HEJTMÁNEK. I bless all of you!!! Hard to say, how chapter HYPNOS turns in future. I hope this is not real end but on the other hand I can´t make any promise. I don´t wanna feed speculations that this is planned attack to your pocket-books thru incidental reunion but this time I really don´t know what future brings. Is known that I aways been an optimist and I remain like that. Of course still I will keep an eye on world I spent so long time into and that used to be so amazing. If anyway would want to react on all these matters, it is possible thru our web: http://www.hypnos.cz or http://www.hypnos.wz.cz or thru my e-mail: bruno-hypnos@post.cz. Nothing is changing at least with this. Have a nice time and I wish you a lot of great music, BRUNO

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