D.D.VERNI: zweiter Song von „Barricade“


D.D. VERNI veröffentlicht sein Soloalbum „Barricade“ am 12. Oktober 2018 via Mighty Music. Reinhören kann man schon jetzt in neue Vorab-Single „Night Of The Swamp King“. Bereits seit ein paar Wochen gibt’s außerdem den Song „Fire Up“ bei YouTube. 

„Auf ‚Barricade‘ ist Metal, Punk, Classic Rock zu hören, „verspricht der der OVERKILL– und THE BRONX CASKET CO.-Bassist. „Von QUEEN bis zur ‚Garage Days‘ vom METALLICA, ist alles dabei.“ Für den Herbst ist außerdem eine Europa-Tour geplant.

Auf dem Album ist eine ganze Reihe an Gastmusikern zu hören, darunter Jeff Loomis (ARCH ENEMY), Angus Clark (TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), Bruce Franklin (TROUBLE), Mike Romeo (SYMPHONY X), Mike Orlando (ADRENALINE MOB), Steve Leonard (ALMOST QUEEN) und Andre „Virus“ Karkos (DOPE), sowie Ex-OVERKILL-Drummer Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki. Mix und Mastering sind von Chris „Zeuss“ Harris.

D.D. VERNI „Barricade“ Tracklist

01. Fire Up (Video bei YouTube)
02. Miracle Drug
03. Off My Leash
04. (We are) The Broken Ones
05. Lost In The Underground
06. The Party of No
07. Night of the Swamp King (Video bei YouTube)
08. We Were Young
09. Slow My Ride​
10. Heaven Calling​

d-d-verni-201804D.D. Verni erklärt, warum er eine Soloplatte gemacht hat:  „So why do a solo record….well I never really stop writing material,and after some time it starts to pile up and take shape and I wonder what it will be. In the past anything that was not Overkill material I would put aside for my other band The Bronx Casket Co, but when I starting pulling these songs together it was clearly not that, and I thought, OK I guess it’s a solo record. The material was kinda Metal and kinda Rock and kinda Punk, so those really are my basic influences. In Overkill I take all that background and funnel it into our Thrash sound. But these songs were not Thrash but a combination of the other stuff. I would never really have an interest in doing a record that was thrash sounding outside of Overkill, I just don’t think it could be any better. The fun is trying new shit and seeing where it goes for me. I could always do all the instruments myself as I have in the past on projects but thought this could be a good opportunity to try working with some new people. My wife was hearing me thinking out loud and basically said why don’t you just call some guys who’s work you like and see if they would be interested, and so that’s what I did“.

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