APOCALYPTICA: Max verlässt die Band

APOCALYPTICA: Max verlässt die Band

Einen zweiten Line-Up-Wechsel gibt es bei APOCALYPTICA, diesmal dürfte er aber sowohl Fans als auch Band ein ganzes Stück härter Treffen als der Ausstieg von Antero Manninen: Max Lilja hat die Band verlassen, APOCALYPTICA sind derzeit auf der Suche nach einem neuem Bandmitglied. Anscheinend gab es einige Unstimmigkeiten innerhalb der Truppe und so hat Max seine Konsequenzen gezogen – oder der Rest der Band.

Hier das offizielle Statement:

„Dear fans, we would like to give you this message to clarify the rumours that you might have heard about Apocalyptica:

After the artistically satisfying, but very exhausting two-and-half-year project with the Cult-album, we have finally started to raise our sights towards the future. Instead of focusing only on music, the project has forced each of us to clarify our individual ambitions – as human beings as well as musicians.

Unfortunately during this process we couldn’t clear up some of the difficulties and disagreements we had inside the band. The sad outcome of that is that Max will not continue in the band.

We are also sorry about the fact that the Finnish

press was faster than us to release this information, and we would really like to apologise for that. Sorry.

Fortunately, right now we are in no hurry to find

anybody to replace Max, since we are not going to have any tours this spring, but we trust that the matter will be solved when the time is right.

Apocalyptica is now beginning to work with new

material with full force and power and will be back more consistent and powerfull than ever!!!!“