BADGERED: zweite Single vom neuen Thrash Metal Album “Planet Absurdic” aus Finnland

Die Thrash Metal-Band BADGERED hat mit “Future Oncoming” eine zweite Single von ihrem kommenden Album “Planet Absurdic” veröffentlicht.

Zuvor ist der Song “Bury Me” erschienen. Zu diesem Song meint die finnische Band: “”Bury Me” tells about an oppressive mental struggle behind the mask. Many things such as relationships, health and environment are taken for granted. It is so hard to admit the real, decaying state of those matters while living in the bubble. Life seems to be perfect in every way and it is assumed to be always that way. However, the the increasing mental pressure and various sudden chances of life will give a serious reality check from time to time and that fake play of perfection comes to an end. Just to get started once again, and again.”

“Planet Absurdic” ist das erste Album der Band und wird am 4. Dezember 2020 via Inverse Records erscheinen.

BADGERED “Planet Absurdic” Tracklist

blank01. Barracuda´s Dance
02. Bury Me (Lyric-Video bei YouTube)
03. Ultimatum
04. Future Oncoming (Lyric-Video bei YouTube)
05. Dive
06. Lost Words
07. Disorder
08. Break Down and Bleed
09. The Holy Bubble
10. Regime of Crimson

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