TAU CROSS: unterschreiben bei Relapse Records

TAU CROSS: unterschreiben bei Relapse Records

Die Punkrock-Band TAU CROSS hat einen Plattenvertrag bei Relapse Records unterschrieben. Die 2013 gegründete Band besteht aus Rob The Baron Miller (AMEBIX), Michel Away Langevin (VOIVOD), Andy Lefton (WAR/PLAGUE) und Jon Misery. Das Debütalbum der Band soll im späten Frühling erscheinen.

Statement von Rob Miller:

The music that evolved over this time is difficult to categorize, as there is clearly a lot of Amebix in the songwriting as well as some elements of gothic, Joy Division, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Industrial and hard fucking old-school punk rock.  This is an entirely original work that is the organic fusion of four unique people.

We decided to let the songs form themselves around the original demos and allow people to bring themselves into the mix, to allow the bark to grow around the tree.  We are all very proud of what we have achieved in this short time and looking forward to working together again as soon as time allows.

Christian Wögerbauer
Christian ist seit 2005 unser Vertreter der Österreicher Metalszene, rezensiert gern im Bereich Symphonic Metal, Doom, Melodic Death und auffallend gern Bands mit Sängerin. Genres: Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Doom.