GROINCHURN: Mark Chapman hat die Band verlassen

GROINCHURN: Mark Chapman hat die Band verlassen

Gründungsmitglied und Gitarrist Mark Chapman hat GROINCHURN nach der 2001-er Europa Tour verlassen! Die zückgebliebenen Mitglieder Sergio Christina und Christo Bester wollen die Band jedoch weiter am Leben erhalten und bereits im Jahr 2002 mit einem neuen Album am Start sein.

Hier das offizielle Statement der Band:

Mark Chapman, founding member and guitarist of GROINCHURN, has decided to leave the band effective October 2001. Mark has been one of the main contributors to the bands current status, and it would be difficult to find a competent replacement, ever. The two remaining members, Sergio Christina and Christo Bester, have decided to continue with the band, first off because they are dedicated to the band and

enjoy playing grind, and secondly the band GROINCHURN has established a name for themselves in the underground, making it pointless to restart the same thing under another name , and third they are real losers….Obvioulsy the focus of the band will change in many respects , hopefully for the better .The new year 2002 should see them return with their yet-to-be titled fourth album.