EOHUM: hören auf

EOHUM: hören auf

Die kanadische Black / Doom / Progessive Metal-Band EOHUM ist Geschichte. Band-Leader Jeremy Perkins will sich stattdessen voll auf sein neueres Projekt WYKAN konzentrieren. EOHUM haben mit „Revelations, Aurora of an Epoch“ (2015) ein Album und mit „Ealdfaeder“ (2016) eine EP veröffentlicht.

Statement von Jeremy Perkin (EOHUM):

„Hey metal heads!

I, Jeremy Perkins founder and composer of this project has been putting together some great songs and a new fresh team for EOHUM!! Yet with Business, Family and my newest brainchild WYKAN, it is just not possible to continue with all these endeavors without letting go of one and I have chosen EOHUM.

I believe it was a great project which had a tremendous effect on the scene internationally yet at some point it is plainly art and as an artist my whole life, I love the connection within people musically and the creative process.

I fell it is right to leave this as is and move to putting all my sweat an love in my newest project WYKAN.

I wanna thank all the supporters we´ve gathered and those whom contributed to the project for yrs with their musicianship.

May the Gods of the North, shine upon you all, HAIL METAL!!!“

Christian Wögerbauer
Christian ist seit 2005 unser Vertreter der Österreicher Metalszene, rezensiert gern im Bereich Doom / Death / Black / Thrash und auffallend gern Bands mit Sängerin. Genres: Death Metal, Doom-Death Metal, Doom Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Sludge.