DREAMS IN PERIL: Video-Clip vom neuen Deathcore Album “MePhobia”

Die Deathcore-Band DREAMS IN PERIL hat mit “Neckties And Nostalgia” einen Video-Clip von ihrem aktuellen Album “MePhobia” veröffentlicht. Bassist Dalton Collins erklärt zum Song: “The song is about overcoming one´s failures and issues, no matterwhat issues or failures one faces. To us as a band, the song is about what we have faced as a band and individuals to get where we are today.”

Die Single soll auch den neuen Sänger der Band, Mike Yeager (DEAD TO A DYING WORLD), vorstellen. Dieser stieß Anfang des Jahres zur Band hinzu. “In the short time since joining this band and telling them not to cancel anything after firing the previous singer, I had three weeks to learn all of the material, within six weeks I was recording the single and two months later, I was filming a video. I am being exactly what this band hired me to be – an unstoppable juggernaut!”

“MePhobia” ist das erste Album der Band aus Kansas und ist am 15. März 2019 erschienen.

DREAMS IN PERIL “MePhobia” Tracklist

1 Villainry
2 Placebo
3 Seldom Solace
4 Make Your Martyr
5 Porcelain
6 Neckties And Nostalgia (Video bei YouTube)
7 Mephobia
8 Makeshift Motives