ARCH ENEMY: heutiges Konzert in Essen abgesagt!

ARCH ENEMY: heutiges Konzert in Essen abgesagt!

Soeben wurde bekannt gegeben, dass das heutige ARCH ENEMY Konzert (04.03.) in Essen sowie die Show morgen in Antwerpen abgesagt werden muss. Der gestrige Auftritt in Osnabrück konnte leider auch nicht statt finden, Sängerin Angela Gossow ist krank. Lest hier das offizielle Statement von Gitarrist Michael Amott:

„Hi everyone, some very bad news I’m afraid….we are in Germany as you know, and after having had some really great shows in the last few weeks, Angela has fallen ill. We had to cancel the gig in Osnabruck last night – we were hoping that she would be better today but her throat has actually got worse, to the point where she can’t even speak, let alone sing. I hate to have to say this, but it has now become obvious that we can’t do Essen tonight or Antwerp on Friday either.

We will meet up again in the U.K on Sunday and finish the tour there.

Our deepest apologies go out to our German and Belgian fans, especially those who had travelled long distances last night to see us in Osnabruck; hopefully those of you with tickets for tonight and tomorrow will see this before you start your journey.

Tickets should be refundable from point of purchase, and we are talking to the promoters about trying to reschedule – just watch this space….

Have faith in metal…“

Michael Amott

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