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TRAIL OF TEARS: Gitarrist verlässt die Band

"PressefotoPaul Olsen, bislang Gitarrist bei TRAIL OF TEARS, hat seinen Ausstieg aus der Band bekannt gegeben. Als Gründe für seine Entscheidung gibt er Zeitprobleme sowie sein zweites Projekt GUARDIANS OF TIME an, auf das er sich verstärkt konzentrieren will. Ein Statement lest ihr hier:

"Due to my commitment to GUARDIAN OF TIME, I can no longer give 100% of myself to TRAIL OF TEARS. Anything less than 100% feels wrong for me when it comes to such a great band, and I see no other option than to leave the band. My time in TRAIL OF TEARS has been a great run. I have been lucky enough to contribute to one of the band´s best albums, "Bloodstained Endurance", and we have played a lot of great shows together. My last gig with TRAIL OF TEARS at Metal Camp in Slovenia a few weeks ago was a good ending for me. We part ways as good friends, and I wish them the best of luck in the future."
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