OCEANS OF SLUMBER: erste Single aus “The Banished Heart”

oceans-of-slumber-Banished-Heart CD Cover

Am 2. März 2018 erscheint “The Banished Heart”, das neue Album von OCEANS OF SLUMBER. Mit „The Decay Of Disregard“ hat die Progressive Metal /Crossover-Band jetzt die erste Single daraus veröffentlicht.


Sänger Cammie Gilbert sagt über den Nachfolger des 2016er Album „Winter„:  „Guided by our resolve to only make music that is real to us, we explored a new depth and crawled deep inside ourselves to uncover what had been hiding and bring it out into the light. Sometimes in life there are places where we are able to turn away, to get away with applying the utilities of denial, but not this time. This time we forced ourselves to stay in that uncomfortable and terrifying place. To explore its vast and dark void in hopes of uncovering a better path out of it, not only for ourselves, but for all those familiar with that same dark place within themselves.“

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