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  • RUNNING WILD: Ausschnitte vom Tribut-Album online

    • RUNNING WILD Reunation CD Cover (c)PRDas RUNNING WILD-Tributealbum "ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild" soll im Herbst über das Label Remedy Records veröffentlicht werden. Einen Trailer zum lbum kann man sich hier anhören:
      ReUnation bei MySpace.
      Inzwischen ist auch die vollständige Tracklist der Doppel-CD bekannt:

      5TH SONIC BRIGADE, Sweden - "Angel Of Mercy"
      BURNING POINT feat. Majk Moti, Finland - "Gods Of Iron ´09"
      CHINCHILLA, Germany - "Conquistadores"
      CRYSTAL VIPER, Poland - "Libertalia"
      CUSTARD, Germany - "Under Jolly Roger"
      DEADLOCK, Germany - "When Time Runs Out"
      ESENIA, Spain - "Resurrection"
      EVERTALE, Germany - "Blazon Stone"
      FATE, Denmark - "Soul Vampires"
      HALOR, Hungary - "Little Big Horn"
      HEAVENLY, France - "Masquerade"
      HELLISH WAR, Brazil - "Return Of The Gods"
      JOSÉ JUAN GALLEGO, Spain - "Draw The Line"
      MAGICA, Romania - "Victory"
      MOTORJESUS, Germany - "The Rivalry"
      ORDEN OGAN, Germany - "The Battle Of Waterloo"
      OVERTURES, Italy - "Pirate Song"
      POWERWOLF, Romania / Germany - "Riding The Storm"
      RAVAGE, USA - "Fight The Fire Of Hate"
      SATANOCHIO, Romania - "Siberian Winter"
      SEVEN SEAS, Germany - "Detonator"
      SKILTRON, Argentina - "Ballad Of William Kidd"
      SOLEMNITY, Germany - "Dr. Horror"
      SUIDAKRA, Germany - "Marooned"
      THUNDERBLAST, Colombia - "Timeriders"
      THUNDERSTORM feat. Preacher, Romania - "Welcome To Hell"
      WARHEAD, Germany - "Faceless"
      WILD KNIGHT feat. Frank Knight & Majk Moti, United Kingdom / Germany - "Tsar"
      WINTERS DAWN, Greece - "Into The Fire"
      WITCHTRAP, Colombia - "Victim Of States Power"
      WITHERING SOUL, USA - "Firebreather"

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