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  • RAUNCHY: Sänger verlässt die Band

    • RAUNCHY-Frontmann Lars Vognstrup hat die Band nach zehn Jahren Zugehörigkeit verlassen. Ein Ersatzmann wurde mit Kasper Thomsen bereits gefunden. Im Anhang an diese News könnt ihr das offizielle Statement von Lars lesen:

      "Hey guys and ladies of course. With very much sadness I have to inform you that, after ten years, I've decided to sign out of my beloved band "RAUNCHY" and pass on the legacy to Kasper Thomsen.

      RAUNCHY is and will continue to be insanely tight, banging, clever stuff and way above what ever you decide to compare it to. It's been fun reading about some of the bands we've been compared to through the years.

      Some of them I've never heard and some of them is true. But if you know anything about good music, genre aside, you'll know immediately by listening to it that our songs come strait from the heart and that's what's keeping it real and what'll make the difference, you know, take it to the top!

      To all of you with love for the music: Hopefully I've left you with a dope scream to step to! Enjoy Confusion Bay. I'm Proud of that one! - to the haters: KEEP IT HOMO. -Thanks a lot

      Lars Vognstrup "

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